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Owner of Naturalistic Braidzology Creations

Hi, my name is Evony and like so many young black little girls, I have battled with my hair. I can remember as far back as to when I was twelve years old hating to comb or do anything with my hair because it was so thick. Growing up in the foster care system, there were many things I had to learn to do for myself, but God blessed me with a foster mother, whom to this day I lovingly call Granny, who cared for my hair and I also had a foster sister and cousin who knew how to braid my hair and gave me the latest styles. I became so fascinated with hair and how they braided my hair that at age thirteen, I asked my mom, Calanthe, to get me a mannequin head so that I could practice braiding hair. She got me one and the rest is history. I began braiding my classmate's hair and girls and women in my neighborhood.

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I graduated from high school and attended Tuskegee University in Alabama. While in school to earn cash, I began braiding my fellow classmates' hair throughout campus. This helped pay for books, classes and all the other necessity's college students have. After graduating from Tuskegee, I moved to Atlanta and began braiding hair in one of the local Barbara shops. It was there that I wanted to be more than the typical braider whose focus was all about the "money", I cared about my client's hair and the products that I used on their hair. I began to research natural hair products to use on my clients and this helped me learn and understand the importance of using those products on my client's hair. I wanted their hair to be healthy, strong, soft, and beautiful. As a black woman I knew how important it was to have healthy hair. There were a couple of beauty salons that I worked in to hone my craft while in Atlanta and I remain grateful to God for those opportunities, but I always knew that I wanted to have my own braiding salon. Having acquired my Biology Degree from Tuskegee, I owed it to myself to have my own.

I have been blessed to learn the skill of braiding and how to care for black women's hair from three phenomenal women. They are my foster sister Terry, my foster cousin Donisha and Dawonna who began styling my hair when I was just eleven years old. If it had not been for them, my love for braiding, styling, and teaching black women how to have healthy hair, would never had been instilled in me.
I left Atlanta to move here, Killeen, TX to be closer to my family. It is here in Killeen where I am currently going to build my love for teaching black women how to care for their hair while keeping them styled in the latest braids. So, come along with me into this journey of self-love of hair and self.

Alexeonna Stingley

Braid Stylist

Hello Luvs! My name is Lexie I am a 17 year old stylist from Memphis, TN. My specialties are knotless box braids, soft locs, stitch braids, and butterfly locs. I have been providing hair services since I was 13 and ever since my passion for hair has only grown! Being the oldest of 5 kids, I wanted to play a part in making sure my family looked presentable, since those days I developed a business to not only enhance my families beauty but others to! And I hope to keep meeting and servicing you all with all my years to come!